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The PEA is a labour union. Its constitution sets out similar objectives, and labour law gives it the same rights and obligations to represent its members in collective bargaining as apply to other labour unions in British Columbia.

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Staffing changes at the PEA: Temporary Financial Officer
Please be aware that Jennifer Bond has started work on a temporary appointment as the PEA's Financial Officer. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience and we are delighted to have her on staff. Teresa Husband is on leave for three to six months. Emails sent to Teresa are being forwarded to Jennifer. Jennifer can be reached via email. Read more »

New Reports from the CCPA on unions, democracy and equality
The Canadian Centre fro Policy Alternatives has released three reports on the role of unions in fighting income inequality. The series documents the critical role unions have played in reducing inequality and enhancing democracy in Canada, and examines the forces working to undermine union strength.  Read more »

The April issue of The Professional is now online
The April issue of The Professional is now online Read more »

PEA responds to the ABCFP
Endangered Experts Gaining Momentum
Thank you for your support with our Endangered Experts campaign. We have had some great success since we launched the campaign 24 hours ago. Read more »

 Chapter News

April 23, 2014
SMS - St. Margaret's School

Dear Residence Staff,

Thank you to the women who attended the union meeting on April...

April 23, 2014
UVic - University of Victoria Administrative and Academic Professionals

Dear UVic members,

April 16, 2014
HSP - Health Science Professionals

Employers who failed to follow a fair and negotiated process to transition employees to a 37.5...

April 16, 2014
SMS - St. Margaret's School

The PEA and the employer have been meeting regularly to negotiate the terms and conditions of...

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